Extra Benefits

When you choose Alterman, you are choosing extra benefits. We offer design services, pre-construction services, pre-fabrication and tooling, as well as BIM and CAD.

In today’s environment, we understand the importance of improving project schedules, reducing cost and reducing waste. At Alterman, we strive for the most productive and cost-efficient installations. We have implemented LEAN design for pre-fabrication and installation processes, benefiting our customers and maintaining the highest level of quality. This LEAN process begins in the early stages of construction and continues though completion of the project.


Our Technical Services division handles everything from 2D Drafting and design to BIM Modeling and 3D clash detection. We offer the most up-to-date software and technology including AutoCad MEP, Revit, Navisworks, and Trimble. We work closely with the pre-fabrication and pre-construction teams to streamline the design process.

Our innovative design techniques utilizing the LEAN construction process help us to stay on the leading edge of the electrical construction industry.

3D modeling is sweeping the industry. This technology now allows each trade to provide a model with intended paths and equipment to run through a clash detection process. This process then works out areas of conflict before construction begins saving time and money. BIM modeling takes this to a whole new level. In the world of Building Information Modeling we can plug in information relating to our electrical equipment to be stored in the final model for later use by the owner.


Alterman’s design-assist and cost / value assessment services distinguish us from our competitors. Early participation facilitates a fast-track schedule and allows construction to get underway before completion of design documents. By evaluating the Owner’s unique requirements, Alterman can recommend cost-effective, quality-enhancing solutions and alternatives that will extend life-cycle usage and lower operating costs. Our experience, historical data, and accurate, up-to-date pricing result in the development of prompt and realistic budgets from conceptual design. Our approach to estimating becomes more thorough and detailed as the design process moves forward. When preparing a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) estimate, Alterman establishes a complete and comprehensive estimate based on partial construction documents and our list of design assumptions and qualifications. As the work progresses, we implement meticulous cost controls to complete the project on time and in budget.

Involving Alterman in the pre-construction stage of your project, assures you of obtaining a superior electrical system that exceeds quality expectations while remaining in budget.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Design-Assist and Cost / Value Analysis including Life-Cycle Costs
  • Construction Feasibility Studies, Code Compliance
  • Budget Development, Conceptual Estimating
  • Prompt Detailed Estimates
  • Development of the GMP
  • Accurate Submittal Review
  • Identification & Purchase of Long Lead Items
  • Scheduling & Logistics Planning for Labor, Material & Equipment


As the market life for products and services becomes shorter and shorter, Alterman initiated procedures to speed up product and service development cycles, improve quality, and meet more rigid design and installation standards. With our continuous improvement process, Alterman has established a pre-fabrication and pre-construction engineering group with capabilities to address these current and future market trends.

  • Pre-planning with detailed drawings in AutoCAD
  • Utilizing LEAN process
  • Controlled environment
  • Pre-fabricated assemblies
  • Quality control
  • Scheduling
  • State of the art 11,000 square foot facility with the most current tools and equipment
  • Improves safety
  • Dedicated pre-fabrication manager and design / CAD team
  • Improves quality – eliminates rework
  • Skilled and low cost pre-fabrication shop technicians – reducing labor cost by over 20%
  • Proven track record with over seven years pre-construction design and pre-fabrication experience
  • Reduced non-productive labor cost
  • Enhanced management of the workforce, resources, and team skill sets
  • Minimizes material “spot buying” and “last minute” ordering
  • Lowers material handling cost



Electrical Contractor License Number: EC17043