Solid Resources

Alterman has premium resources to complete the most complex projects. From our extensive line of credit, alliances with local vendors, to our significant estimating resources, state-of-the-art technologies, and our top-notch project management standards, we have what it takes to take your project from start to finish.


Today our resources include an extensive line of credit with Frost National Bank, which remains fully available. Our bonding capacity, through the CNA Companies, is in excess of $150 million. Alterman’s assets include a diversified equipment inventory, a fleet of vehicles and our two offices, warehouses, and pre-fab facilities.

By developing alliances with local vendors and subcontractors and tracking their performance, Alterman has gained responsive service at preferred prices. We watch the commodities market and negotiate inventory with favorable rates, giving us a significant advantage over the competition.

Alterman has access to a diverse spectrum of best practices by participating in the Electric Roundtable, a peer group of ten electrical contractors located throughout the United States. The Company gains valuable operating information through our involvement in peer reviews, critiques and discussion groups.

Disciplined in our operations and prudent business practices, have maintained solid financial records throughout the years. Alterman’s commitment to customer success has resulted in an enduring history of excellence since 1923.

  • Multi million dollar line of credit, fully available
  • Bonding capacity in excess of $150 million
  • Diversified equipment inventory & facilities
  • Vendor alliances
  • Electric Roundtable peer group
  • Financially sound track record
Alterman Resources


Alterman’s significant estimating resources and the state-of-the-art technologies we utilize, along with our cost-value assessment experience distinguishes us in the marketplace. By evaluating the Owner’s unique requirements, Alterman recommends cost-effective, quality-enhancing solutions and alternatives that extends system life cycles and lowers operating costs. Our local knowledge, extensive historical cost database, and accurate up-to-date material pricing results in the development of prompt and realistic budgets from conceptual designs. We also have considerable experience in “Target Value Design Cost Estimating” where costs for all major segments are established early during design development. During the design process we play an integral role in managing the design scope to the meet budget.

Our estimating services and capabilities include:

  • Conceptual budgeting and cost / value assessment services.
  • Electrical systems and construction methods feasibility studies and recommendations.
  • On screen symbol recognition take off software to increase productivity and accuracy – an environmentally smart alternative to paper drawings.
  • AutoCAD and Revit quantity take-offs and related “bill of materials” preparation.
  • Prompt detailed estimates to support development of lump sum or GMP proposals.


Alterman’s diverse construction portfolio ensures that each project is matched with corresponding expertise. Planning starts well before construction and includes extensive evaluation of site and logistics, safety aspects, staffing and training needs, and the impact of other trades, as well as the coordination of tools, equipment, and material deliveries. Alterman’s years of experience enable us to anticipate challenges, develop solutions, adapt to changing conditions, and meet even the most stringent, accelerated fast-track schedule.

Each team of highly trained and experienced project managers, supervisors and electricians is supported by a staff of specialists in manpower and safety, cost accounting, estimating and value analysis, materials procurement and delivery, and contract and risk management to ensure proper management of all technical and administrative issues on every project. From start to finish, our employees work together for the successful completion of each project.

The project team recognizes the importance of quality performance, timely completions and safe operations and is afforded all tools and mechanisms to professionally and efficiently bring the project to completion. By setting and meeting stringent standards for quality control, we continue to exceed customer expectations.

Our project management services include implementation and monitoring of:

  • Operational Services, including Design-Assist and Fast-Track Construction
  • Plan Review, Code Compliance Continuing Schedule
  • Development and Site Coordination
  • Staffing and Training
  • Site-Specific Safety Planning
  • Job Cost Controls and Reports
  • Material, Tool and Equipment Procurement and Delivery
  • Quality Control Standards



Electrical Contractor License Number: EC17043