Today, our capabilities include not only electrical construction and pre-construction management, but also: design and installation of voice and data communication systems, audio/visual systems, security and surveillance systems, and access controls. Alterman also provides electrical services, preventive maintenance, and 24/7/365 emergency response for all of your critical systems.


Alterman has provided electrical construction on many of San Antonio’s most impressive landmarks and contemporary structures. By integrating cutting-edge technologies with core values and disciplines, Alterman has successfully met the expanding needs of commercial and industrial clients and has earned the confidence of Owners, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Architects, and Engineers. We are an EC&M Top 50 market leading electrical contractor focused on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction with a strong commitment from our employee-owners to excellence throughout the organization.


Alterman’s cost-effective designs, installs, and low voltage cabling services, are all accomplished with industry-leading products and services. Whether you’re building networks or updating and integrating into existing networks, Alterman Technologies provides flexible, manageable, and reliable turnkey solutions for your company’s needs.

Our expertise also includes the implementation of fiber optic and copper media hardware, computer networking, telephone interconnection and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems.


Alterman has the personnel and expertise to effectively install projects of any size from a $20 million Water or Wastewater Plant to a service call at a Lift or Pump Station. We have the in house expertise to provide design assist support to engineers and owners as required.

From the field instruments used for basic readings to the advanced working of the SCADA system, Alterman has the experience and knowledge to effectively design, install and service all aspects of Water and / or Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

I & C

The Alterman Instrumentation and Control group offers customers full turn-key range of services for control, instrumentation and system upgrades or new installations. Our project managers, engineers, integration, and automation specialists have over fifty years of experience providing high quality, state of the art, responsive designs, system development, and control panel design and fabrication, to include in-house electrical and control field installation services through startup and commissioning. As one of the largest and most experienced Industrial Electrical and I&C Contractors in south Texas, Alterman has developed a sterling reputation as the “go to” contractor for our clients in the markets we serve.


Alterman uses various state of the art tools to identify electrical problems such as overheating, vibrations, loose connections, faulty insulation and high voltage anomalies. We provide detailed reports of potential failures and innovative solutions to address our clients’ needs and prevent business interruptions.

Using infrared thermography, Alterman measures the temperature of electrical equipment to detect overheating before failures occur. Our thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared radiation…


When you choose Alterman, you are choosing extra benefits. We offer design services, pre-construction services, pre-fabrication and tooling, as well as BIM and CAD.

In today’s environment, we understand the importance of improving project schedules, reducing cost and reducing waste. At Alterman, we strive for the most productive and cost-efficient installations. We have implemented LEAN design for pre-fabrication and installation processes, benefiting our customers and maintaining the highest level of quality.